Professional Mixing for your songs!

Tony is a professional, fully dedicated to the music and has helped us as a band reach a level I never thought we could achieve when we started the band.

High quality

Our mixes are of high quality, ready for any mastering engineer to take them to the streaming service of your choice, printing facility or air time on the radio. We settle for no less than perfect.

Your music, our mix

We appriciate that you have taken the time and energy to write the music and giving it your sound. We will never take that away. That is the very soul of your songs and all we want to do is to give it the attention and care it deserves. A really good mix is defined by the blend of all the elements of the song. We bring out what makes your songs unique.


To book us for a mix please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with our booking policy, availability and everything you will need to know before sending us your files. Please make sure you have read through our guidelines. If you have any questions please refer to our FAQ before you contact us.

Do you want us to master your mix as well?
If you book the master at the same time as the mix you will get a package deal.

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