TepTee Media is a recording, editing, mixing and mastering company based in the southeast of Sweden. We make music production simple by doing all the ”heavy lifting in and around your music so you don’t have to. TepTee Media stands for quality in everything we do. From Producing your album to setting up your live sound. Everything we do, we do for our clients. Your sound, vision, and integrity is what matters most. Our aim is to be the transparent partner that makes you shine! Your audience should not even know we were here.

TepTee Media does most of it’s work out of Birchwood Music Studios. We do however have multiple choices when it comes to recording studios. For years, our head producer and founder has been working together with musicians. Live and in the studio, TepTee knows how to identify your problems and help you with everything you might need. For the past 5 years, our head producer and founder has been working full time coaching young musicians and artists in what it means to be an entertainer. Helping them in their songwriting, stage performance and producing their music in the studio.