Professional audio editing!

TepTee Media’s editing service helps your music to the next level. Whether it is Re-Amping, Drum replacements, Drum editing or vocal tuning. We can help you.

Stereo or Multitracks

This is not included in any mixing package. Editing is done before the mix. Timing, Tune and phase need to be as perfect as possible in today’s music in most genres. We edit your multi-tracks to get them ready for mixing.
Do you need a shorter version of a song for radio play? Send us your mixed or mastered stereo file and we will edit the length of the song. We also do edits for musicals, dance shows, theater, radio, and TV if that is what you need.

Fill out the form below to book your edits now and we will get back to you with availability and prices. Please read through our guidelines before submitting any files. If you have any questions please take a look at the FAQ section.

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